2013 New Mexico State IDPA Championships

I had the honor of SO’ing my first sanctioned match this last weekend. It went quiet well. I now understand what it takes to participate in an official capacity at a sanctioned match and have a enhanced respect for all of the SOs that consistently serve our shooting community by officiating these matches.

From now on if you are a certified SO, the app is free to you. Please contact support@idpascore.com to request your free copy of the app.

I didn’t do so well considering I was focussed on my responsibilities as an SO for the match. I’m not complaining, I loved the challenge. 3 days of setup, shoot, officiate and teardown takes its toll on your concentration and certainly makes for a more challenging competition. Anything that drives me to focus harder and further challenge my skills is welcomed.

Here are the scores.. 2013 NM State IDPA Championship Scores

A big thanks to Toran Maynard MD & Jay Koller AMD for putting this on. A special thanks to the Espanola, Las Crucas, Farmington and Los Alamos clubs for donating their gear and gadgets. (Bill Weed makes the best moving targets period) And of course thanks to all the SOs, some who got certified at the last minute and showed up despite some difficulties to officiate the match and then ran their stages like a boss. Good Times!

I was able to give away the app to several shooters free of charge and would like to extend the offer to anyone who shot the match with us. Email me to receive a code or instructions on how to get your free copy.

2013 IDPA Nationals Scores are posted!

2013 IDPA Nationals Scores are posted..

I’m stoked to see NM’s very own Glen Shelby take CDP Division! Congrats Glenn!

I hope some of you enjoyed our sale. If you used the app at Nationals please let us know how it worked out for you and as always If you have any feedback please let us know so we can continue to make the app better.

Oh yeah… the raffle. Not one person other than spammers signed up for the newsletter, so the next 5 people to email me at support@idpascore.com get a free download.

Good Luck At The Nationals!

From everyone here at IDPAScore.com we wish you good luck at the 2013 IDPA US National Championship

It is with great pleasure that we are offering IDPAScore at half off for the duration of the competition from September 17th 2013 till September 22nd 2013. If you are at the nationals send us a pic of you using the app or drop us a line on your experience while using it! Good luck out there and stay safe.

We are also going to raffle off 5 free Downloads at the end of the sale for all of you who don’t get to go to the nationals. All you have to do to enter is subscribe to the newsletter. On September 23rd we will announce the winners.

Here are some pics of my local Club “Down Zero”:




Android Update!

I had been getting some complaints for a while now about new devices with the latest versions of Android not being able to edit or enter any data on their devices. I also had a short list of issues that were plaguing android users in general that I thought best to take care of. It took me a little while to get but it is here now.

Let me know if I missed anything!

Android changes include:

  • Support for Android Back Button.
  • App no longer crashes on older versions when changing screen orientation.
  • Splash screen delay was reduced significantly
  • Data entry should no longer be prohibited to newer android devices.

IDPA 2012 South Mountain Showdown

I just got home from the the IDPA Arizona Regional Sanctioned Match, The South Mountain Showdown. What a great match! It was only 8 stages (9 if you count the chrono/equipment check stage) but what it lacked in quantity it easily made up for in quality. The match had several challenging stages and I really enjoyed myself.

The Match Director Bill Barron and The assistant Match Director Eric VanHaaster did a stellar job and had scores posted in record time. For me that was really refreshing considering that I started IDPAScore out of pure frustration over the delay in scores being posted. I will surely be shooting the South Mountain Showdown again.

IDPAScore was able to put up several free downloads on the prize table and all-in-all got a great response from the shooters who hadn’t seen the app before and to my surprise some already had!

Back to the match.. I had a great squad and got to shoot with some people I had shot with before as well as met some new people. Shouts out to Adam, Hez, Jerry, Jacques and the rest of Squad 1. Here are a couple of videos of me shooting the match: (Thanks for filming Jacques)

2012 South Mountain Showdown – Stage 1

2012 South Mountain Showdown – Stage 2

The SO’s in the second video, Toran and Sarah Maynard, are friends of mine  and are rockin the stylish IDPAScore T-shirts. These guys run our local club match and Toran is the one who certified me as an SO (I’m certifiable!). Toran will MD the upcoming 2013 NM State Championship which will be held in Albuquerque, NM later in the year. I can’t say enough good stuff about these two. Thanks for your support guys!

Here are the results for the South Mountain Showdown. I placed 6th in SSP Expert.



Youtube Review

Here is another video off youtube. The director and star of the video actually emailed me and let me know he would be doing this video. He asked and I gave him the app for free. I only asked that he was fair and accurate in his review.

BigDawgBeav did indeed give me a fair review… (not all good) but in the end shelled out the cash and bought the app! Class act BigDawgBeav! Thanks for your support.

Make sure you check out his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BigDawgBeav

IDPAScore – Smartphone app