IDPA Score is Live on iTunes!

We are happy to announce that the IDPA Score app is now live in the iTunes store!

Download IDPA Score from the iTunes store.

Thanks to the Apple Review Team this app has been approved in record time. I’ve read plenty of horror stories about apps taking forever to get through the review process but that is certainly not what happened in our case.

You can see from the times below that it only took 2 business days to get approved!

August 21, 2012 15:22




Ready for Sale


August 21, 2012 15:15




Processing for App Store


August 21, 2012 12:23




In Review


August 17, 2012 20:40




Waiting For Review

We are still working hard to get the Google Play ( android ) version up and ready for purchase as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


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