2013 New Mexico State IDPA Championships

I had the honor of SO’ing my first sanctioned match this last weekend. It went quiet well. I now understand what it takes to participate in an official capacity at a sanctioned match and have a enhanced respect for all of the SOs that consistently serve our shooting community by officiating these matches.

From now on if you are a certified SO, the app is free to you. Please contact support@idpascore.com to request your free copy of the app.

I didn’t do so well considering I was focussed on my responsibilities as an SO for the match. I’m not complaining, I loved the challenge. 3 days of setup, shoot, officiate and teardown takes its toll on your concentration and certainly makes for a more challenging competition. Anything that drives me to focus harder and further challenge my skills is welcomed.

Here are the scores.. 2013 NM State IDPA Championship Scores

A big thanks to Toran Maynard MD & Jay Koller AMD for putting this on. A special thanks to the Espanola, Las Crucas, Farmington and Los Alamos clubs for donating their gear and gadgets. (Bill Weed makes the best moving targets period) And of course thanks to all the SOs, some who got certified at the last minute and showed up despite some difficulties to officiate the match and then ran their stages like a boss. Good Times!

I was able to give away the app to several shooters free of charge and would like to extend the offer to anyone who shot the match with us. Email me to receive a code or instructions on how to get your free copy.

2 thoughts on “2013 New Mexico State IDPA Championships

  1. It was a great match, and we had SOs that were troopers and pros. You forgot to mention that you shot in the rain with bags over the targets so you couldn’t even see your hits for much of it.
    It was a heck of a test of character for the few, the proud, the SOs.


    • Mark, you and Xavier ran a tight ship. Good job.

      Gone are the days that I thought the SO’s have an advantage to shooting the match early and under less pressure.

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