The IDPA Score app is an app built to allow an individual shooter the ability to keep track of their match score as they shoot a match. This allows them access to their match results early as well as allows them to compare them to the official results instantly.

The match setup would happen before the match starts preferably but in some cases it would be entered onsite as the course of fire is made known. A match consists of several stages each of which contain a scenario with multiple targets. ( you are at an ATM and you get mugged by target 1, target 2 and target3) The stage is first scored by time and then each individual target is verified by a match official and any points down are recorded.  If during the course of fire any penalty was incurred by the shooter these can be recorded as well but are infrequent.

The score is recorded by a score keeper on paper. In a club match the score is yelled out by the official as each target is verified and the score keeper asks for the signature of the shooter. No copy of the stage scores is given to the shooter. In a sanctioned match you get a carbon copy of the stage results after signing. The person entering stage scores into the IDPA Score app will be able to reference the written recorded results in both types of matches, but if they are quick enough, or have a buddy do it, they can enter it as the official yells it to the score keeper.

In a club match the shooter is usually notified of their results within days of the match. In a sanctioned match the results are posted the same day, usually several hours later. Once results for a sanction match are posted a shooter can contest any mistakes made in the tabulation of their score. This app allows you to have a record of your match, which you don’t get in most club matches as well as have accurate scores to compare to the official results in the sanctioned matches.

This app should directly target the above scenarios but will later expand into a few other areas. The most likely directions is synchronizing data with an online resource so scores can be compared and then allowing the entire match to be scored by a score keeper which would later be printed and/or emailed to each shooter.

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    • MRG, Thanks! Yes we do plan on making the IDPA Score app able to track an entire match and everything that entails… We are however, a small outfit and only have ‘voluntary’ funding which is just a fancy way of saying I do this in my free time, so it may take a little while.

  1. I bought the app for my iPhone and now have an android phone is there a way to install the app again or do I have to buy it again?

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